Saturday, September 12, 2009

Few Ways To Do Effective Comment Marketing

As forums and blogs have been completely revolutionised due to social media filtration which they get from some really cool social tools. Comment marketing has become an important part to connect with people of your own niche or somewhat related to it. As most of the these sites and blogs allow you to link back with your stuff, its upon you to maximise your reach and knowledge.

Here is a list of 5 do’s to make your comment marketing work…

1 ~~> First of all try to search out the best blogs of your niche, there are several sites which allow you to search millions of blogs, though I recommend Google especially the ones on the first page as it takes real hard work, Content and consistency to get there at the top.

2 ~~> Now when you start making comments on blog posts try to be the first person to comment or at least get in the top three as most readers do not scroll down the blog post so its better they see you at the top.

3 ~~> While making comments try to connect with the author either suggest something or ask a simple question, so that when he/she replies a conversation is built and thus making it much more interesting for the blog readers.

4 ~~> Schedule your comment postings as in make sure you make certain number of comments everyday lets say 8 a day or even more on different blogs would do it, Though you have to understand you do not spam the blog with your comments as that would compel the author to stop you from making comments.

5 ~~> While concluding I would say be consistent with both quality and frequency of making comments as that would make people to start noticing you and further on your blog or website.

Hope these tips help people who want to market there blogs or sites to a unique audience that’s there ” niche audience ” and gets some good results out of it.Further any more tips and suggestions are appreciated.